Pietro Yes Carton

"Marriage of St. Catherine" by Pietro da Carton
Bright, decorative style of painting by Pietro da Carton is one of the pinnacles of the Roman Baroque art.

Yes Carton Pietro (Pietro Berrettini), Italian painter and architect, was born in the village of Cortona in Tuscany November 1 in 1596. He studied painting in Rome, at the Florentine artist Andrea Dresser and Baccio Charpy.

The best-known work is the cover of the Roman Palazzo Barberini. The allegorical composition represented on the ceiling, celebrates Pope Urban VIII, a member of the Barberini family. Work on it continued for six years, from 1633 to 1639 years.

In 1637, the artist took a trip to Venice and Florence, where he studied the works of the great masters. "The Triumph of Venice," Veronese of Ducale Palace had a strong influence on the painting style wizard.

In the years 1640-1647 Pietro Yes Carton lived and worked in Florence. One of the works of the time were the frescoes of Palazzo Pitti, allegorically representing the planet. This work he anticipated the manner of Luca Giordano, managing to perfectly convey pictorial means aerial perspective.

In architectural and pictorial works, he sought to spatial unity elements using the term, carefully designing decor, placing the emphasis by the play of light and shadow.

The most significant work of Pietro da Carton in Church of monumental and decorative painting is the song "Miracle of St.. Philip Neri and the host of heaven "- a list of the apse, nave and sails in the church of Santa Maria Vallicelli in Rome, on which work has lasted almost two decades, from 1646 to 1665 years.

Died Yes Carton Pietro in Rome May 16 in 1669.