Henry Fonda

Among the Hollywood actor's family dynasties Fund — the most extensive. For four of his representative appeared on the screen. But the beginning put Henry, who has worked in film nearly half a century and starring in 90 films.

Henry Fonda was born 16 May in 1905 in Grand Island (Nebraska) , in a poor family. As a child, dreamed of becoming a writer, and even joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota journalism. However, I studied there for only two years.

Henry Fonda started his acting career in amateur productions. His partner in the work are often the mother of Marlon Brando. But he got married to another actress, Margaret Sallavan, which later became a Hollywood star.

In 1936, the Foundation moved to California, where he played a major role in the first color film "The path lonely pine tree." The following year starred in the great Fritz Lang in the movie "You Only Live Once", and a year later appeared in tandem with Bette Davis in the legendary film "Jezebel." The success of these films was closed in 1940, "The Grapes of Wrath" — the first tape, for which the actor was nominated for "OscarĀ».

During World War II he served in the Navy Fund. Upon returning from the front seven years has worked exclusively in the theater, having refused to extend the contract with Warner Bros..

Fund return to the big screen took place in 1956, he played a c Audrey Hepburn in Hollywood film version of "War and Peace". The following year, Henry starred in in the thriller "The Wrong Man". Up until the 80's, he continues to work.

professional and personal triumph was the role of Henry Fonda in "On Golden Pond," directed by Mark Rydell. The picture was published in December 1981. For this film fund was finally awarded the "Oscar" — in just a few months before his death. He passed away 12 August in 1982.