Yuri Shevchuk

Yuri Shevchuk
Yulianovich Yuri Shevchuk was born May 16 in 1957 in the village of Berry Magadan region, in a military family. Yuri graduated from high school in Ufa, in the same place he entered the graphic arts department of the Bashkir Pedagogical Institute.

From the very beginning of the "adult" life Shevchuk wrote the song, then sang them the guitar. His early songs Shevchuk wrote under the influence of local bards, especially Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Galich, and Russian poets of the Silver Age — Osip Mandelstam, Yesenin and others.

In one local house of culture Jury met a group of bass guitarist Genes homeland, from which was born the famous group "DDT", they settled at the end of a long journey in St. Petersburg. In the spring of 1987 "DDT" is a concert at the 5th Leningrad rock festival that recognizes its most important discovery. In the same year Shevchuk playing video festival "Rock 87" and in all union rock festivals. The next year, "DDT" repeated his success at the 6th Festival of Rock Club, rides triumphantly with concerts across the country from the Baltic Sea to Kamchatka and recorded an album of their best songs, "I got the part" (1989).

The role of the film-concert directed by Peter Soldatenkova "Playing with the unknown" (1988) was great for Yuri Shevchuk's film debut. The film of "DDT" and "Overhaul."

The next few films Shevchuk performed as a singer and composer: "Publication", "Night of the Long Knives", "Experiences of the Civil War", "Russian Standard". There were other roles — big and small. But the biggest role of Yuri Shevchuk — this is the main role in the mystical drama directed by Sergei Selyanov "Spirit Day" (1990).

Very remember Yuri part in the movie "The Bremen Town Musicians and Co» , which was attended by such famous actors as Oleg Jankowski Alexander Zbruev, Spartak Mishulin, Anastasia Vertinskaya and Michael Pugovkin.

1990s began to Yuri Shevchuk particularly successful. Group "DDT" was recorded several albums, and the song "What is autumn" entered the charts of the top 100 songs of the 20th century "Nashe Radio", ranking it second place. The band also toured extensively. In addition to tours of the country, Shevchuk performed a lot and abroad — Germany, USA, Australia, Hungary, France, Japan, England, Canada, Israel, CIS countries — all concerts were a great success.

Becoming a the mid-1990s, a recognized master of the Russian rock music, Yuri Shevchuk has been supporting young bands and singers. Together with friends he organizes festivals for young talented musicians. It is also a lot of concerts in the ground fighting, for which he has awards — military medals. Jury also awarded the Medal of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, "Member of emergency humanitarian operations" and the insignia of the Interior Ministry, "The Silver Cross».

In addition to creativity, along with the band, Shevchuk has published several of his own solo albums and composed music for several films.

Today, well-known musician, founder, leader and sole permanent member of the band DDT, founder and director of Open Company "theater of DDT," People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan — Yuri Shevchuk Yulianovich lives and works in St. Petersburg.