Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut
V. Olga Korbut was born May 16 in 1955 in Grodno. In gymnastics came rather late — at age 10. But after five years of employment, in 1970, Korbut becomes the champion of the USSR in the vault and is part of the USSR national team.

Gymnast is a four-time Olympic champion (in 1972, she won three gold medals in 1976 — gold in the team competition) has two silver medals in the Olympic Games; repeatedly she became world champion. Olga Korbut won the Games of the peoples of the USSR and the absolute champion of the USSR in 1975. At the European Championship in 1973 won the silver medal at the championship.

In 1976, Olga completed her athletic career, she graduated from the History Department of the University of Grodno. In 1978, Olga married Leonid Bortkiewicz — lead singer of "Pesnyary" and lived with him for 22 years in 2000, they broke up.

Olga entered the history of world sport, performing for the first time a unique element, called "Korbut Loop", which was later complicated by Elena Mukhina — it added to screw him. Now official competition element is not executed. She also became the first gymnast, who was able to perform a somersault on the balance beam.

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR — Korbut was awarded the "Friendship of Peoples" and "Badge of HonorĀ».

Olga Korbut lives and works in the United States, in Atlanta, where he manages the Academy of her name.