Olga Bergholz

Olga F. Bergholz
Olga F. Bergholz — a woman with a truly tragic fate. She was born in St. Petersburg (3) May 16 in 1910 to a family doctor. My father really appreciated poems to his young daughter and contributed to their publication in the factory wall newspaper.

Since 1925 Olga Bergholz was a literary youth group "Change", where she met her future husband — BP Kornilov. Since 1926, the poet studied at the Higher State Art History courses at the Institute of History of Art, and in 1930 graduated from Leningrad State University Philological Faculty went to Kazakhstan, where he worked in the local newspaper "Soviet steppe." After her divorce from her husband and a new marriage, she returns to St. Petersburg, where he worked with newspapers "Electric power", "Literary Leningrad┬╗.

Big Chill in the family — the death of two daughters of the poet, imprisonment on false charges and the death of her husband Nikolay Molchanov — has given rise to a new burst of literary activity. Publishes her new book: Essays on "Years of the assault," collection "Poems", etc.

in 1941-1943 during the siege of Leningrad Bergolts worked at Radio House, for which he has been repeatedly awarded . Created in these years works devoted to the Defenders of Leningrad, the best way to convey the emotional state of the residents of the city.

His poetry collections in recent years Olga Bergholz often completed the poem 'A┬╗:

A I'm telling you that there is no
I lived in vain years,
unnecessary creative paths,
wasted heard the message.
No unperceived worlds,
no imaginary distributed gifts,
there is no love in vain, too,
love betrayed, sick,
her incorruptible pure light
always in me,
always with me.

And never not too late to start again
start all the way,
and so that in the past would have — not a word,
nor groan would not strike out.

Olga F. Bergholz died alone November 13 in 1975. Its named after a street in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg.