Igor Northerner

Igor Northerner
Igor Northerner (real name Igor Vasilyevich Lotarev) was born (4) May 16 in 1887 in St. Petersburg, a military engineer. Since childhood, parents instilled in him a love of literature and music, so that the young poet as early as 8 years old began to write poetry.

Igor little studied and graduated from Grade 4 Cherepovets real school, then went with his father on a trip to the Far North. This trip has inspired the poet — hence the nickname Northerner.

In 1905, the first poem was published by Igor Severianin "Death of Rurik." From that moment began the creative impulse of the poet. In the years 1905-1912 out of his 35 books of poetry. After recognition of his poems such masters of literature, as Constantine Fofanov, , Fyodor Sologub, the poet had parties where publicly read his works. In this regard, it was organized whole tour of Russia.

In 1911, Igor Northerner declared himself the founder of a new poetic direction — egofuturizma. He wrote about himself, balancing between parody and vulgarity: "I, the genius Igor Northerner, intoxicated by his victory ...ยป.

Fanfare glory fell to the poet after the publication of his book of poems "Gromokipyaschy Cup" (1913) . A 27 February in 1918 on the evening of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, he was even recognized as the "King of Poets."

Of the thirty-eight years of literary activity Northerner almost twenty-four years he lived in Estonia, where he moved in 1918. Traveled to the future with performances in France and Yugoslavia, translated the poem , , , the Estonian and Yugoslav poets.

Igor Northerner dreamed of returning to their homeland, but the war and severe disease is not allowed to turn dreams into reality.

He died December 20 in 1941 in Tallinn. He was buried there, in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky.