Thomas Young

Thomas Young
Thomas Young was born on June 13 in 1773 in Milverton, Somerset, the son of a trader and was the eldest of ten children. Soon learned to read, had a great memory and wit.

early as eight years old Jung was interested in mathematics and geodesy, a few years learned Latin, ancient languages, and more — Arabic, Italian and French. He studied in London, Edinburgh, G?ttingen, Cambridge, he studied medicine, optics and acoustics.

In 1794, at age 21, Jung was admitted to the Royal Society and became its secretary. From 1811 to the end of his life he worked as a doctor in a London hospital of St. George.

Thomas Young was a versatile kind, other than science, he was fond of music, painting, gymnastics, and all he has achieved success.

Jung is the author of several scientific discoveries in the field of optics, mechanics , physiology of vision and philology. He developed the wave theory of light, discovered the phenomenon of interference (and gave him this name), was engaged in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics from the famous Rosetta stone (read 30 of them).

The annexes to the fourth edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica" he is the author of over 60 chapters in the biographies of scientists.

died this extraordinary man and scholar May 10 in 1829 in London.