Leon Gaumont

Leon Gaumont
Leon Gaumont was born May 10 in 1864 in Paris. Gaumont began his career as a merchant optical equipment. In 1895, Leon with companions, among whom were the and Joseph Vallo, heads the company Comptoire General de la Photographie. The company specialized in the sale of photographic materials and equipment. It was a great start to build the company for the production of films. At this time, Leon Gaumont enthusiastically followed the work of Edison and Lumi?re. Convinced of the future of cinema, he starts production of projection devices.

Already in 1896, Gaumont releases its first phone brand "Chrono" and set up a studio and workshop in Beauty Chaumont. Studio Gaumont was a room about 45x34, specially designed for the shooting and provided with the best electric equipment, which was the prototype of the first major film studio.

Gaumont, since 1900, working on sound and color. And three years later, as the logo of his company he was in honor of his mother Margaret, takes daisy flower. Alice Guy, his secretary, invites him to revive the presentation of the demonstration vehicles sold kinozarisovok. Alice Guy took off about 300 films and experimented with sound in cinema. Among the shot — movies of all varieties of genre — comedy, drama, police films, science fiction, westerns and animation. Soon, the artistic director of Louis Feuillade is Gaumont, who will remove such notable films as "Zhyudeks", "Fantomas" and "Vampires┬╗.

In 1925, Leon Gaumont signed an agreement with Metro Goldwin Mayer and creates a new company — Gaumont Metro Goldwin, which ceased to exist in 1928. In 1930, with the advent of sound film L?on Gaumont removed from works created by Gaumont Franco Film Aubert.

Leon Gaumont died on August 10 in 1946 in St. Maxim (France).