Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri
The memory of the centuries Salieri poisoned by rumors. Fired during the life of the composer, they affect the perception of the name after death. Who knows little of the tragedy of Pushkin? "Mozart and Salieri" clearly belongs to the genius of the poet's pen. At the name of Salieri is usually a villain who poisoned the genius of Mozart. However, things are not so simple ... Numerous historical documents and studies have long shown the utter bankruptcy of such ideas. We are dealing with a unique situation where for centuries the art is to destroy the reputation of any innocent person, besides quite a talented musician and held.

Antonio Salieri was born on August 18 in 1750 in the Italian town of Legnago, near Verona, in a large family of a wealthy merchant. The boy was soon showed the ability and interest in music. The first music lessons he received from his brother, then studied at a church organist. Soon after his parents died, and Salieri got to grow up in a family friends of his father, one of the most wealthy and aristocratic in Venice.

Then chance intervened — Antonio met Viennese composer Florian Gassmann, who occupied a prominent position in Vienna. Gassman was a court composer of ballet and chamber music, conductor and member of a small group of musicians with which the Emperor Joseph II played music every day. Gassmann liked the talented and humble young man. He took it with him to Vienna.

So Salieri came under the high patronage. Began his creative work. Works by Salieri were written in the tradition of Italian opera school and enjoyed the same success in Vienna, Paris, Italy. In all, he wrote more than 40 operas. Salieri in Vienna was considered an excellent teacher, and his students were the Schubert, I. Hummel, J. Weigl, ; while he took classes .

Salieri died May 7 in 1825. In the West, he is remembered only in narrow musical circles. And in Russia, thanks to the genius of Salieri widely known — and wrong. In 1997, Milan was held in support of the process of Antonio Salieri, and two centuries later he was acquitted for "lack of evidence". Legally, he is clean. But in the minds of Russian readers, he will always be a killer. After all, hardly publishers will print as a preface to the "Mozart and Salieri" Milan court decision ...