Fyodor III A.

Fyodor Alexeyevich Romanov
Fyodor Alexeyevich Romanov was born (May 30) June 9 in 1661, the son of the king Alexis Ilinichny and Queen Mary, nee Miloslavskaya. He — the elder brother of the kings and Peter. Was crowned on the throne at the age of 15 years.

King differed from childhood poor health, but, nevertheless, it was prepared to succession to the throne. Mentor Theodore was Simeon, teaching languages ??king, who dedicated it to the foundations of Western culture.

When Theodore Boyar Duma gained more weight in public decision-making, the number of members has increased from 66 to 99. But the king himself took an extensive part in government.

Fedor was enlightened and wise ruler, despite his youth. Under his leadership, the population census was canceled and an order to extradite fugitive peasants, who joined the army.

The king tried to carry out reforms in the country, to transform Russia along Western lines. Were relaxed criminal penalties introduced Voivodship and local clerks management. Was carried out in an attempt to introduce Russian officials that will be carried out later Peter. Through the Table of Ranks was abolished inheritance rank.

Fedor was against the intervention of the church in the administration of the state. He dismissed Patriarch Joachim from participating in secular affairs, and increased taxes on church estates.

aware of the importance of education in Russia Fedor invited foreign experts to teach. He initiated the organization of Slavo-Greco-Roman Academy, although not lived up to its opening.

Heir to the king after him did not leave. His first wife, Agatha Grushetskaya, died in childbirth, and soon died and the baby. A second marriage to Martha Apraksina lasted only two months.

At the age of twenty years, (April 27) May 7 in 1682 he died, himself Tsar Fyodor III A.. He was buried in the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

Since the orders regarding the succession to the throne Fyodor III did not leave, this issue has caused excitement about the wedding Allow the solution to the two kings of the kingdom at the same time — young Ivan V and Peter I, under the regency their older sister Sophia Alekseevny.