Robert Browning

Continuing the tradition of the romantic poets, Browning had its own particular creativity. It can rightly be called the poet-philosopher. Genre prevailing in his work, he called it "an introspective drama┬╗.

Robert Browning was born May 7 in 1812 in London of a wealthy official. Robert received a good education at home. Penchant for poetry manifested it already in his youth. He was fond of , and .

In 1831, Browning published his first poem, "Pauline", it also brought him fame. After its publication Browning was invited to a literary circle and Wordsworth.

Browning traveled a lot. He proudly said that Italy has replaced him Oxford, and travel — all faculties. In 1833 he made a trip to Russia. During this period he published his poem "Ivan┬╗.

Peak of creativity Browning became a novel in verse, "The Ring and the Book." In 1879 he published a book "The dramatic idyll", consisting of short stories written in verse dedicated to ethical issues.

Some obscurity and the fog of his works contributed to the emergence of the cult of Browning. In 1881, fans of the poet founded the "Browning Society," to interpret the meaning of his works.

Robert Browning lived mostly in Florence. He died in Venice in 1889. He was buried in Westminster Abbey in London.