Victor Dragoon

Victor Yuzefovich Dragoon
Victor Yuzefovich Dragoon was born November 30 in 1913 in New York, the son of immigrants from Russia. Parents soon returned home, and the family settled in Gomel.

During the First World War, his father Victor died of typhus. Soon, the stepfather, red Commissioner, but in 1920 he died. The second step-father was Jewish theater actor Michael Rubin. With him the family has traveled all over the country, having arrived in 1925 in Moscow. But one day he came home from the tour, and what happened — no one knew.

Victor started working early. In 1930, while working, he began attending the "Literature and theater workshops" A.Dikogo, and in 1935 began performing as an actor. Subsequently, organized and directed the ensemble of literary and theatrical parody of "The Blue Bird" (1948-1958). During the Great Patriotic War Dragoon was in the army — the front did not get the health.

Since 1940, he published a satirical and humorous stories, later collected in the book "Iron character" (1960) also writes songs , sideshows, clowns, skits for the stage and the circus.

The name of Dragoon connected, first of all, "Deniskiny Stories" Since 1959, the Dragoon creates fun stories about Dennis Korableva under the title "Deniskiny stories." These stories have brought their immense popularity of the author, it is with them, and his name became synonymous. The children enjoyed the unbridled joy of books, reading them, they sometimes admit that they feel "like a circus ..." Yes and adults these light, kind and funny stories brought a lot of very sincere and pure joy of children.

However, Victor Yuzefovich wrote for adults too. In 1961 he published the novel "He fell to the grass" on the very first days of the war, which traces the parallels with the personality of the author. The story "Today and every day" (1964) focuses on the life of circus workers living in his own, special circus world.

Yuzefovich Victor died Dragoons in Moscow on May 6 1972 year. But a funny and clever book writer were to cause happiness and fun for many generations of readers.