Georges Andre

Georges Andre
Georges Andre was born on August 13 in 1889. His first Olympics was the London 1908 Summer Olympics. He was there in the two disciplines, and won second place in the high jump and fifth — in the high jump with space.

4 years later, at the next Olympics in 1912 in Stockholm, Andre competed in six disciplines. In the high jump with the space he was seventh in the long jump to place 14th in the decathlon 17th in the pentathlon 22 th in the high jump, 23 m. The highest achievement of the Olympics — the semi-finals in the women's 110 meters hurdles.

With the outbreak of World War II, he joined the army, fought and was captured. The sixth attempt to escape failed, he returned to his troops and became a fighter pilot.

After the war, Andre again take part in the Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920 and became the bronze medal in the 4x400m relay, fourth in the women's 400 meters hurdles and reach the semi-finals in the 400 m

In the next Olympic Games in 1924, which was held in his hometown of Andre Georges — Paris, he was selected for pronunciation Crews oath during the opening ceremony of the Games. He was able to repeat the success of events of past games and again finished fourth in the women's 400 meters hurdles.

With the start of World War II, Andre would again become a pilot, but age is not allowed to fly — he went to serve as an infantryman and was killed in battle near Tunis May 4 in 1943.