Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock was born on 13 August in 1899 in London, the son of a grocer. His parents were devout Catholics, and Hitchcock was educated at the Jesuit College of St.. Ignatius.

In doing after college graduation in Engineering and the chart-school, he studied mechanics, acoustics and navigation. Since 1915, he has worked in a telegraph company, while studying painting at the University of London. This allowed him some time to take a position of the artist in the advertising department of the company. During this period, Hitchcock became interested in cinema.

In 1920, Alfred arranged in a London branch of one of Hollywood companies designer credits. His career took off: Hitchcock soon became head of titles, and in 1923 he received the opportunity to try his hand at directing. The first tape "Number 13" was not completed due to closing the studio, and Alfred went to work for producer Michael Belkonu, one of the pioneers of British cinema.

Hitchcock tries different cinematic profession and in 1925 finally shot his first feature film — a joint Anglo-German production of "Garden of Delights". Soon the director has been recognized as one of the leading masters of the English movies.

His "highlight" films have become a genre thriller and suspense involving the viewer in emotional empathy make you forget about everything but the film. He entertained the audience, running from the screen of their emotions and feelings subtly calculating each scene for maximum effect. Hitchcock used to do special tricks — big plans, fractional editing, playing with time, skillfully selecting music.
scene from the movie "The Birds"
A Receive all this because the director himself and was able to feel and empathize with what is happening, which he himself had created ...

Among the most memorable films of Hitchcock can be safely attributed thriller "The Birds".

Died great director Alfred Hitchcock April 29 in 1980 in Los Angeles.