Vasily Tatischev

Basil Nikititch Tatischev
Basil Nikititch Tatischev born in the Pskov region (19) April 29 in 1686 in the family of the landlord. The beginning of his activism coincided with the era of Peter.

Across Nikititch Basil was a man of his time. He was educated in Europe and has the broad interests in the field of social sciences and geography. All my life I spent Tatischev fundamental work of Russian history, the first book of this kind in Russia.

first book was to be more geographically. Back in 1719 Tatischev was mandated to "surveying the entire state and thorough work with Landquart geography." But in the course of work showed the need for a large number of historical data.

However, sometimes Tatischev had to be distracted from their historical and geographical survey of the Civil importance. In 1720, 573 Peter sent him to the Urals, there to open factories for processing of metals. In the Urals Tatischev founded the Mining Office — management, the mining and processing of non-ferrous metals.

In addition, there Tatischev made the founder of cities. There, where there is now Yekaterinburg, Tatischev suffered Uktusskaya plant. And where now is the city of Perm, he discovered a new copper smelter. In both factories were opened primary schools and schools that teach mining. After the successful completion of its mission Tatischev returned to the capital and became the head of the office coin.

When was removed from his post and even put on trial because of disagreements with . All her rule Tatischev was in the doghouse, he was given orders and unrealistic for any blunder threatened to deprive of all ranks.

When in 1745, he went to Boldin, and remains there until his death, doing work on the "History ...".

One day, he will bring order to the forgiveness and the Order of . But Tatischev of the Order refused, saying that now it is no good.

It was the eve of his death — the next day (15) July 26 1750 Basil Nikititch Tatischev died. Even after his death, in 1755, was issued by another famous work of Basil Tatishcheva — "Spiritual", which gave landlords advice on all occasions.