Boris Pilniak

Boris Pilniak
Boris A. Pilniak (real name Boreas) was born October 11 in 1894 Mozhajsk. All childhood and adolescence Boris went on the road: Saratov, Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kolomna. Since 1924, he stopped in Moscow. In nine years, trying to compose, and in March 1909 published his first work.

Since 1915, his stories were published in the magazine "Russian idea", "Harvest", "Flashes", "Milky Way" mostly under the pseudonym Pilnyak.

The first book, "On the last steamer" Boris A. published in 1918. In the same year he became chairman of the Russian Union of Writers. In 1922 Pilniak wrote the novel "The Naked Year", and nine years later, "Okay," "Salt Barn", which are based on a particular genre and non-political views. His works are constantly evoked outrage and attracted the attention of critics.

Thrice married. First wife, Maria A. Sokolov was a doctor in the hospital Kolomna. Shcherbinovsky Olga — the second wife, the actress of the Maly Theater. Princess Kira Andronikashvili — third wife, director and actress.

In 1926, the publication of "The Tale of outstanding moon", here Pilniak veiled describes the circumstances under which killed 483 Mikhail Frunze — for which he was arrested and October 28 in 1937.

Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR, fabricated the state prosecution, April 21 in 1938 makes Boris Pilniak death sentence, which was performed in Moscow.