Mark Twain

"Better to remain silent and appear a fool than talk and dispel all doubt. " Mark Twain
Mark Twain (real name — Samuel Langhorne Clemens), American writer and social activist who was born in Florida (Missouri, USA) November 30 1835 . He was only 12 years old when his father died, leaving the family in poverty. The boy had to apprentice to the printer, where he worked as a typesetter's older brother. It was there that he was well-read writing short articles.

For 18 years, he takes a trip across the country. In New York, engaged in the evenings in the library, reads a lot, outlines. , , , , ... Sam is very well-read for his age.

Soon, his dream came true: he got a job as an assistant pilot and then became a self-drive boats on the Mississippi. The outbreak of the Civil War put an end to this career. Sam spent some time in the unit of the Confederate and even received the rank of lieutenant. Soon the squad fell apart, and Clemens deserted.

In 1861, along with his brother Sam is sent to the silver mines in the Far West. He has not turned out to be a millionaire in the mines, but he found himself as a writer. In 1863, his first short story, signed «Mark TWAIN» (pilot is a term meaning the water level is sufficient for the passage of a vessel). Thus was born the pseudonym of the writer.

Any meetings with people of different professions — sailors, loggers, miners enriched Mark Twain as a writer. He began writing in a popular genre after the war humorous jokes and parodies. His works have become a huge success: a source for them was life itself. He described the American lower classes, from which he took the images, situations and characters.

At first, the reader perceives Twain as a comedian, not always forcing the audience to think seriously about the essence of jokes. At that time nobody knew that this writer-humorist a revolution in American literature, and that he will open the validity of its American artists, forcing them to forget about Romanticism.

The most famous Mark Twain brought "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "The Prince and the Pauper," "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", etc. Many of the writer's works into films.

died, Mark Twain 21 April in 1910 from angina.