Emil Lotyanu

Emil Lotyanu
Emil V. Lotyanu born on November 6 in 1936 in the village of Sekuryany in Chernihiv. In 1953-1955 he studied at the acting faculty of the school-Studio. at the Moscow Art Theatre. In 1962, he graduated from the VGIK, where he studied in the studio of G.Roshal and Yu.Geniki, and began working at the studio "Moldova-film", where he made his debut heroic and revolutionary tape "Wait for us at dawn" (1963).

In 1966, Emile Lotyanu put the picture of the Moldavian shepherds "Krasnaya Polyana", which became the starting point of his poetic and romantic lines in directing. Since 1973, Emile Lotyanu went on to "Mosfilm". In cinema poem about folk musicians "Lautaro" (1972), the award-winning film festival in San Sebastian, the creative director of the concept was particularly vivid expression of thanks to the synthesis of visual images and music.

musicality and poetry were to E.Lotyanu essential element of style in the film adaptations of his — picture of "Gypsies Go to Heaven" (1976), awarded the top prize Film Festival in San Sebastian — and — «My Sweet and Tender Beast" (1978).

In 1983, the director made the film "Anna Pavlova "- on the biography of the great Russian ballerina . In the late 1980s he returned to "Moldova-film", worked on Moldovan television, where filmed poem M. Eminescu "Luceaferul».

His films have won prizes of major international festivals. E.Lotjanu also the author of several collections of poetry and a collection of short stories.

Died on April 18 in 2003 and is buried in Moscow on Vagankovsky cemetery.