Nikolay Akimov

Nikolay Pavlovich Akimov was born 16 April in 1901 in Kharkiv. He studied fine arts in 1914, first in St. Petersburg, in the evening classes Society for the Encouragement of Arts, and then, in 1915, in a private studio.

In 1920, Nikolai Pavlovich continued his studies at the Higher State. In 1922, he began his work as a book illustrator and stage designer.

Costume "Yevgraf — adventurer "(1926) In 1927, the first solo exhibition of Nicholas in Leningrad. Two years later, Ivan began to work as a theater director in the Moscow theater of .

Since 1955, Nikolay Pavlovich Akimov was engaged in teaching, and in 1960 became a professor at the Leningrad Theatre Institute. It was founded through the efforts of its artistic staging branch.

Nikolay Pavlovich Akimov, died Sept. 6 in 1968 on tour in Moscow. He was buried in Leningrad, at the Volkov Orthodox Cemetery (Literatorskie bridges, central platform theatrical figures).

Many productions of the artist have been implemented in the theater after his death.