Michael Ants

Mikhail Ants
Mikhail Ants born on April 16 in 1845. The descendant of a long line of Muravyovs, he began his diplomatic service in the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1864.

Ants From 1867 he served in the Russian missions to various European cities — Stuttgart, Stockholm, The Hague, Berlin, and others. After the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, he was appointed advisor to the Embassy in Paris, and since 1884 — in Berlin, in 1893, became ambassador in Copenhagen.

With the January 1 in 1897 received the appointment of the Foreign Ministry, and in April of the same year became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Ants believed that the center of gravity of Russia's foreign policy should be moved to the Far East. He entered into an agreement respecting the status quo in the Balkans, with Austria-Hungary, offered to actively develop the Russian expansion in Korea. Under his Russian warships and troops entered Port Arthur and Dalny, and signed an agreement with China for the construction of the CER.

In 1898, on behalf of the has proposed the convening of an international conference on disarmament. He negotiated with Spain to lease Russian Ceuta (Africa) to counter England. Intensified Russian policy in the Middle East at a time when England was busy fighting the Boers. As a result, Russia has restored direct relations with Afghanistan, has strengthened its position in Persia and Turkey. Ants offer a more balanced and carefully build a relationship between Russia and China.

Mikhail died Ants June 21 in 1900 in St. Petersburg.