Ferdinand Eisenstein

Ferdinand Gotthold Max Eisenstein was a student of such prominent figures as Gauss and Dirichlet. spoke of Eisenstein is extremely high: "There were only three math, epoch-making — Archimedes, and Eisenstein┬╗.

Ferdinand Eisenstein was born on April 16 in 1823 in Berlin. He graduated from the University of Gottingen. Then, from 1847 to 1852 years, worked in the University of Berlin.

Eisenstein suffered a lifetime of neuro-psychiatric disorder, and later he became ill with tuberculosis, from which he died October 11 in 1852. However, in his short life he managed to do a lot.

His major works — in algebra and number theory: in particular, the famous irreducibility criterion, cubic and bikvadratichesky reciprocity laws.

Also of great interest is the work of Eisenstein on elliptic functions, which influenced the later work of Weil and Shimura already in the 20th century.