Paul Schilling

stamp issued on the occasion of the anniversary of the invention, Schilling Magnetic Telegraph
Paul L. Schilling was born (5) 16 April in 1786 in Tallinn. After the war, he served briefly in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along the way, learned lithography and created the first Russian civil lithograph printing maps.

Schilling fond of oriental studies, which made his name known. Paul L. on a trip to Eastern Siberia assembled a huge collection of Tibetan-Mongolian literary monuments. In 1828 he was elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in the direction of literature and antiquities of the East.

However, he went down in history for his work in the field of electricity. Her research methods of transmitting signals using electricity, he came to the idea to apply for this electromagnetic devices. Long-term experiments have paid off: in 1832, he created a telegraph key with the indicators provided on the basis of the switch galvanometer. He also created, thanks to a good knowledge of languages ??and encryption systems, a special six-digit code for telegraphic purposes.

Successful testing telegraph Schilling allowed to build in 1836 in St. Petersburg official line of telegraph between the Admiralty.

Paul Schilling died (July 25) on August 6 in 1837 in St. Petersburg.