Sergei Nikonenko

Sergey Nikonenko
Sergey was born Nikonenko on April 16 in 1941 in Moscow into a family of workers. Serge decided to become an actor in 13 years. He was involved in the drama club at the Palace of Pioneers and artistic expression in the studio, and after leaving school he entered the Film Institute.

It was a high rate — , , , ... The Institute Sergey beat almost the entire classical repertoire, and a performance diploma "Career Arturo Ui ", primarily due to the game and Gubenko Nikonenko, then became a phenomenon all over the cultural life of the capital.

One of the "cult" theater of the actor — Chapaev in the play based on the novel . The production of "Anything Goes" with his participation also was a full house. We Nikonenko everything else and some antrepriznyh performances, with whom he constantly traveled around the country.

Act in films Nikonenko began during his studies, making his debut in the film "I'm going home" (1958). But first, as already formed film actor Sergei drew the attention of the film A.Azarova "It happened at the police station" (1963). There he played a small role though, but very noticeable. It was this early work was the beginning of the actor's biography of the future of a great actor.

After fighting positions in 1964 Nikonenko worked in the studio theater actor for 10 years. He became one of the most filmed actors. The shooting to in the school film story "Ringing, open the door!" (1965) Nikonenko got already a recognized professional. Another notable part of the time — the role of a "journalist" that specially created for Nikonenko.

In the 1970s, the role of the actor fell in abundance . Sergei was able to create versatile images and show their characters with an unexpected point of view. In his work, he managed to avoid the danger of "zashtampovannoe." Nikonenko — Actor unique organic. He has the gift of naturalness in any situation and in any genre of film.

When there were no good roles, Nikonenko worked a lot on stage, read Pushkin, Yesenin, Zoschenko, Mayakovsky. Gain experience and a lot of his own ideas, he returned to the Film Institute, but the directing department.

Nikonenko In 1974, he made his debut as a film director and screenwriter with the film "The Birds over the city." In directing to his credit more than a dozen paintings: "Trin-Trava," "Gypsy fortune", "alien spacecraft", "Holy smoke", "Brunette 30 kopecks.", "I want your husband", "I Want to America" etc. Some of them he had written the script.

Nikonenko played the role assigned films — it's always interesting characters, bright and clear socio-painted characters. In the movie, Sergei has created more than 170 memorable roles. This movie "War and Peace" and "Sing a song, the poet," "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano", "traffic police inspector," "Winter Evening in Gagra", "Chinese service", "Kamensky," "Lily of silver", " Fall of the Empire "and many others. Nikonenko is never easy in a creative, he quite willingly removed.

Nikonenko — People's Artist of Russia, holder of the Order "For Services to the FatherlandĀ» IV Degree, "Badge of Honor" medal and A.P.Dovzhenko, winner of prizes various film festivals, a member of the Union of Cinematographers in 1994 Nikonenko together with his wife — actress Yekaterina Voronina Eseninskiy created a cultural center, which is run at the moment.

Today, the actor, director and screenwriter Sergei Petrovich Nikonenko lives and works in Moscow.