Charlie Chaplin

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16 in 1889 in a family of actors pop. His parents played a lot on tours in Europe and the U.S.. However, their career ended tragically: his father had lost his voice, began to abuse alcohol and died, and his mother soon after lost her mind.

So brothers Sid and Charlie Chaplin are in a situation where one could hope only for themselves. As a child, Charlie fought a lot, participated in the pantomimes, trying himself in the role of a clown, but now he had to leave the stage, not only employment, but also a regular school and look for part-time work fine.

At age 14, he finally , lucky — Charlie was not just a regular job and work in the theater. Great service he rendered brother, helping to learn the role of the text, as Chaplin at this time almost could not read.

After a while the young actor's film industry representatives note that is just beginning to develop. Chaplin is an actor first, and then the author of many paintings. He himself wrote the script, put the movies, plays a major role in them. In 1917, he became the most expensive actor in film history, signing a contract for $ 1 million with the studio First National Pictures.

Despite the fact that the film soon became audible, and then the color, the image of "Rolling Stone "created by the Grand Master, a classic movie and is still considered a role model. This character is in wide trousers, high boots, with a bowler hat on his head and a cane has become a kind of hallmark of Charlie Chaplin.

He was married four times and had 11 children were born. The fourth wife of Charlie Chaplin, Oona O'Neill, was 37 years younger than him, and gave birth to her last child, when the great comedian was 72 years old.

Charlie Chaplin died December 25 in 1977 at the age of 88 years.