Pyotr Stolypin

Pyotr Stolypin
Pyotr Stolypin was born April 14 in 1862 in the capital of Saxony, Dresden. His parents came from old noble families — the Stolypin and Gorchakov.

In 1884, after graduating from St. Petersburg University, Stolypin joined the Ministry of the Interior. Two years later he transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property of Russia.

Since 1902, Stolypin was governor of Grodno, and later became governor of Saratov province. At the time of appointment of Stolypin in Saratov population of about 150,000 inhabitants, 150 were working factories was more than 100 schools, 11 libraries, 9 periodicals. All this created the glory of the city, "the capital of the Volga regionĀ».

As governor of Saratov Stolypin and caught the first revolution. Saratov Province, which was one of the centers of the Russian revolutionary underground, was at the center of revolutionary events.

At that time Stolypin have been several attempts: he was shot, throwing bombs, terrorists in an anonymous letter threatening to poison the younger child Stolypin — year-old son Arcadia. To fight the rebellious peasants used a large arsenal of tools — from negotiation to the use of troops.

For the suppression of the peasant movement in the Saratov region Pyotr Stolypin — Chamberlain of the Court of His Imperial Majesty and the youngest governor of Russia — received the thanks of the Emperor .

In general, a prominent Russian politician Stolypin was also a reformer and competent in his life became widely known. As prime minister of Russia, Stolypin was the initiator of the development of a number of major bills, including the reform of local government, the introduction of universal primary education, on religious tolerance. Initiated the creation of courts-martial, he spent the new electoral law significantly strengthen its position in the Duma representatives of right-wing parties, and began hosting the Stolypin agrarian reform — but did not have time to complete it ...

According to various reports, the life Pyotr Stolypin was made from 10 to 18 attempts. Died Stolypin 18 September in 1911 in Kiev — last attempt failed.