Alexander Ulyanov

Alexander Ulyanov
Alexander Ilyich Ulyanov, the older brother VI, {day-born 4-April 12} 12 {/ day} in 1866 in the family of a famous teacher Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1883, he graduated from Simbirsk school with a gold medal and entered the natural faculty of St. Petersburg University, where he studied brilliantly.

Alexander participated in student illegal gatherings and demonstrations, conduct propaganda in the working circle. At the end of 1886 he became a member of the terrorist faction of the party "People's Will". He was one of the authors of the party program, where he showed the influence of Marxism.

Along with the recognition of the working class in the center of the Socialist Party of the program argued that the initiative in the struggle against the autocracy should take the revolutionary intelligentsia, and the way to fight terror confessed.

Ulyanov and his comrades had prepared an attempt on the , but the attempt was prevented, and organizers arrested — only 15 people. In mid-April the trial, where Ulyanov, Shevyrev, Andreyushkin, Generals and Osipanov were sentenced to death and the rest to various terms of penal servitude and exile. At trial, Alexander made a political speech.

It is known that Alexander's mother — Maria Alexandrovna, writing a letter to Emperor Alexander III, has been allowed to see my son. At Alexander Ulyanov had the opportunity to ask the emperor for clemency, but he declined to such a possibility.

(8) May 20 in 1887, Alexander Ulyanov and his comrades were hanged Shlisselburgskaya in the fortress.