Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie
It combines rare qualities. Sonja Henie — Hollywood star and female athletes in the world's first three-time Olympic gold medalist in women's figure skating — odinochnits.

Sonja Henie was born April 8 in 1912 in Christiania, current Oslo. Once Sonia began serious training as a figure skater, her formal schooling was over. The aim was to make her father's daughter from a sports celebrity.

Henie won her first big start at the age of nine years, this was the championship of Norway, and at the age of eleven, became the eighth in the Winter Olympics in 1924. In 1927, Sonja Henie wins his first victory at the World Championships in figure skating. A year later, she won her first Olympic gold medal. Sonya was in great demand as a participant in a variety of figure skating show in Europe and North America.

Another girl Henie wanted to make a career in Hollywood and become a movie star, and she got the opportunity. In 1936, she was hired by Darryl Zanakom of Fox Studios with a contract that made her one of the highest paid actresses of the time. The first success came after the film Ā«One in a MillionĀ».

Henie was married three times, except for the official marriage she had a lot of love interests, including its ice skating partners Jack Dunn and Stuart Raeburn, and later romance with actor Van Johnson. According to the biography, written by her brother Laifom with Raymond Strait, Heaney was absorbed by money and sex, had a nasty character and used her family and other people for their own purposes quite shamelessly.

In mid-1960, Sonia Henie was diagnosed with leukemia. She died at 57 years old, October 12 in 1969, during a flight from Paris to Oslo. Sonja Henie and her husband are buried in Oslo in front of the Art Center Henie-Onstad.