Yuri Zawadzki

Yuri A. Zawadzki
Yuri A. Zawadzki was born on July 12 in 1894 in Moscow.

His career began in 1915 in the studio and theater 631 E, where he played Anthony ("The Miracle of St. Anthony" by Maeterlinck) and Calaf ("Turandot" Gozzi). Apprentice Vakhtangov Zawadzki took from him the grace and rigorous external image clarity roles, spirituality and inner fullness of execution. Zavadsky's directorial debut was a performance of "The Marriage" by Gogol (1924).

In the years 1924-1931 Zawadzki works in the Moscow Art Theater. In 1932-1935 — head of the Central Theater of the Red Army. Creatively developing theatrical tradition and Vakhtangov Zawadzki sought to shape the play of stylistic certainty, attached great importance to the disclosure of the author's intention forces acting ensemble.

In the years 1936-1940 he headed the Theatre. Bitter (Rostov-on-Don), where he staged "Spring Love" Treneva, "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare and others. Since 1940, Yuri was the chief director of the Moscow theater. Moscow City Council. During the Great Patriotic War in art Zavadskiy predominant sound harsh purchased heroic motives.

significant role in the creation Zavadskiy hold performances of "Masquerade" Lermontov "Petersburg Dreams" (novel by Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment", 1969), full of tragedy and great sound philosophical generalizations.

Since 1940, he taught at the GITIS Zawadzki. Since 1947 — professor.

Died Yuri April 5 in 1977 in Moscow. On it filmed a television film "House at Yu Zavadskiy" (T. Sergeeva).