Walter Zapashnyy

Walter Zapashnyy with a tiger named Typhoon < / span>
Walter M. was born Zapashnyy April 2 in 1928 in Moscow into a family belonging to the famous circus dynasty tamers, Voltigeurs, acrobats and gymnasts, which dates back to 1882 .

He and his pupils were filmed in the film "Dersu Uzala", "three plus two", "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and others. He has repeatedly been presented to the government awards. Zapashnyy awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" in 1958, won the All-Union Competition of Circus Arts in 1964, received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR in 1969, People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1988.

His father, Michael Zapashnyy , came to the circus performers "from the street". The mother was also a circus artist, clown and eccentric daughter of Charles Thompson, who was known in Russia as Milton.

Michael wanted his children to protect from the circus of fate and hoped that they would get a good education and a foothold somewhere long time, so Michael did not even take them with him on tour, and they lived in Leningrad.

Boys debuted with acrobatics with her mother at the circus in Saratov and, without thinking, put it on stream, sounding like a circus group "Brothers Zapashnyh." Fancy riding, clowning, acrobatics and taming — they tried to deal with literally everything.

The sixties of the 20th century in the life of Walter became a turning point when he still made a choice in favor of the animals and made them the rest of their lives. It is in this case achieved perfection. He managed to bring together the arena 38 predators and for the first time in the arena to ride a lion.

Unlike his father, the trainer from childhood preparing their sons to the circus career, and now they are worthy of continuing his father's work. In seventy years, he no longer spoke, but before the end of his days remained the artistic director of the troupe, "Brothers zapashnye."

Died Walter Zapashnyy on August 27 in 2007 in Moscow and is buried in the cemetery Troyekurovskoye.