The roots Chukovskij

Korney Chukovskij
Roots Chukovsky — alias poet Nikolai Korneychukova. He was born (19) 31 March in 1882 in St. Petersburg. His father was Emanuel Levenson, in a house which served as the Poltava countrywoman Ekaterina Korneychukova — the mother of the future Corneille Chukovskogo.

His childhood Nicholas Korneichuk held in Odessa. In high school he became friends with Boris Zhitkov, who also became a famous children's writer.

In 1903 Korney went to St. Petersburg with the intention to engage in literary activities. With great difficulty, after a long search, he found the same suitable jobs — became a correspondent for the newspaper "Odessa News."

After the Revolution, alias "Roots Chukovsky" was the original name of the poet. His children were Chukovsky name and patronymic Korneevich / Korneevna. All 1916 Roots Chukovskij spends in the UK, France, Belgium, working as a war correspondent of the newspaper "It." In 1917, he returned to Petrograd, at the suggestion of Chukovskij becomes the head of the department of children's publishing "Sail".

Interesting, not the usual images, precise rhythm made it memorable verses quickly. He wrote more and more new products, "Moidodyr" (1923), "Cockroach" (1923), "The Fly-Tsokotukha" (1924 titled "Mukhin Wedding"), "Barmaley" (1925), "Fedorino Mountain" (1926 ), "Telephone" (1926), "Veterinarian" (from 1929 called "The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle").

In 1962, he was made an honorary doctor of literature at Oxford University. October 28 in 1969 the writer Korney Chukovskogo died. But his work for children and loved today and kids, and adults.