Yuri Trifonov

Yuri Trifonov
Yuri V. Trifonov was born on August 28 in 1925 in Moscow, the son of a professional revolutionary. My father was a link and hard labor was involved in an armed uprising in Rostov, in the organization in 1917 by the Red Guards in Petrograd, in the Civil War, in 1918, saved the gold reserves of the republic, he worked in the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. My father was a writer for the future and an authentic sample of the revolutionary people.

For a boy of twelve was the tragedy of his father's arrest, the innocence of which he was sure, and in 1937, when it happened, and later. In 1938 he was arrested and his mother. "Son of the enemy of the people" after high school I could not do in any high school, so he had to work as a mechanic at an aircraft factory, plant manager, factory newspaper editor.

After receiving the required work experience, Trifonov enters the Literary Institute. Gorky, where he graduated in 1949. Gained fame after the publication of the novel "Students" (1950).

spring of 1952, leaving on a business trip in the Karakum Desert, the track of the Main Turkmenian Canal. For many years the writer's fate Trifonov was associated with Turkmenistan. In 1959 there was a series of his short stories and essays "Under the Sun", which marked the first time the features of the actual Trifonovskaya style. In 1962 he wrote the novel "thirst quencher."

Rehabilitation father (1955) gave Yuri Valentinovich opportunity in 1965 to write a documentary novel "The reflection of the fire" on the basis of the preserved archive father.

In 1966-1969 years he wrote a series of stories — "Faith and Zoya," "In the autumn mushroom" and others. In 1969 he published the first novel in the series "urban", "exchange", for her follow (1970 — 1976) "Preliminary results", "The Long Goodbye", "Another Life", "The House on the Embankment". In 1973 was published a novel about the Narodnaya Volya — "Impatience", exploring in man "ineradicable genetic code history," linking together the past, present and future. In the last years of his life were written: the novel "The Old Man" and the series of short stories "Tilted HouseĀ».

Trifonov's prose is often autobiographical, the main theme — the fate of the intelligentsia in the reign of Stalin . Trifonov's entire career, from the early novel "Students" to the posthumously published novel "Time and Place" (1981), dedicated to finding the incarnation of Time — in the plots, characters, style.

Yuri V. Trifonov died a 56-year 28 March in 1981 in Moscow.