Mikhail Ulyanov

Mikhail Ulyanov
Mikhail Ulyanov was born November 20 in 1927 in the village of Bergamak Muromtsevsky Omsk region. Mikhail Ulyanov family name (Zhukov — the father) took after the war, before going to drama school.

In 1950, Michael graduated from the Theater School BV Shchukin Theater at , which is connected with all the creative life of the actor. His role was defined immediately and clearly: a young social character, reliable, modern, today. Very quickly it was confirmed in a landmark for the theater play by AN «City at dawn."

In the first decade of work in the theater roles Ulyanov had major and minor, positive and negative, of tradition and modernity. Among the kaleidoscope of images stood out and remained Rogozhina role in the stage adaptation of the novel FM «Idiot."

In 1960 Ulyanov creates several notable images in the movie. His famous TRUBNIKOV ("the President", 1964) became a Soviet classic, rebel Mitya Karamazov ("The Brothers Karamazov", 1968), General Charnota ("Running", 1970), Marshal Zhukov — these and many other works written in the golden fund of the national cinema .

He successfully combined work in theater, film, radio and television. In 1973 he made his debut as a director, putting on a stage play, the Vakhtangov Theater V.Rozova "Situation", in 1976, was co-directed a production of "Richard III», staged in 1979 epic novel VM «I will come to you", and played in it .

In September 1987, Mikhail Ulyanov was appointed artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theater. He was elected secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, the chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, People's Deputy of the USSR (1989-1992).

Mikhail is the author of the books: "My profession," "I work as an actor," "I came back to myself».

People's Artist of the USSR and the RSFSR, the Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate government, film and theater awards, holder of the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, and "For Services to the Fatherland» III degree — Ulyanov was awarded and other awards, including foreign.

Died great actor Mikhail Ulyanov evening 26 March in 2007 in Moscow, in his eightieth year. He was buried with military honors at the Novodevichy Cemetery, in 2008, he opened a monument.