Mikhail Kalatozov

Michael K. Kalatozov
Michael K. Kalatozov born December 28 in 1903 in Tiflis. He began his career in 1917, six years later came to the Tbilisi Film Studio, where he worked as an editor, assistant cameraman. Dabbled as an operator, actor, writer.

directorial debut Kalatozov — motion picture "Their kingdom" (1928, co-director of NV Ghoghoberidze), built on the topicality of the material Menshevik Georgia 1918-1920. This film has found Kalatozov desire to poetic, imaginative comprehension of the real world. Plastic image, sharp angles, unusual lighting effects to raise the level of the last silent masterpiece artistic and documentary Kalatozov "Salt of Svaneti." Black-and-white graphics mountainous landscape of the Upper Svaneti, the expression in the construction of the frame and a change of plans, romance director's mannerisms made "Salt Svaneti" significant phenomenon of the Soviet cinema of the time.

In 1933-1934 Kalatozov was a graduate of the Leningrad branch State Academy of Art. In 1934-1938 worked as the director of the Tbilisi Film Studio. In 1939 returned to directing, taking off on "Lenfilm" paintings "Courage" (1939) and "Valery Chkalov" (1941). "Valery Chkalov" was a big hit and strengthened its reputation as a director Kalatozov.

I photographed it, and during World War II, then spent several years in administrative work.

returned to directing, Kalatozov removes a number of films, including "Conspiracy of the Doomed" (1950), "Hostile Whirlwinds" (1953), the romantic comedy "True Friends", a film about the development of virgin lands "first tier" . The peak of creativity Kalatozov and one of the best films of the national cinema has become film "The Cranes Are Flying» (adaptation of the play "Eternally Alive" pink). The film won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958, and today his recall.

The last picture Kalatozov "The Red Tent" (1970) is based on the story of polar expedition Umberto Nobile 1928. The movie was filmed many Soviet and European film stars. Subject confrontation with the human element was solved director at elevated romantic way.

Died Mikhail Kalatozov 26 March in 1973 in Moscow. His son and grandson of George Michael and filmmakers.