Alexei Petrenko

Alexei Petrenko
Alexei Petrenko was born 26 March in 1938 in the Ukraine, in the village of Chemer Chernihiv region. After graduation, he spent two years trying to do in Kiev Theatrical Institute, but failed in the entrance exams, and not to sit on the neck of the parents, worked as a blacksmith.

For the third time, in 1957, Petrenko yet entered, but in Kharkiv Theatre Institute, I.Maryanenko course, graduating in 1961. Alex then spent several years working in the dramatic works of Ukraine.

After playing small roles and casual, Petrenko at the invitation in 1964 moved to Leningrad Theater of Leningrad City Council. Theatre where he played in the productions — "The Soldier and the snake", "Romeo and Juliet", "The Threepenny Opera," "The Taming of the Shrew," "The Road to Calvary," "Crime and Punishment", "Lefty" and others. Mastery of the talented actor has grown rapidly.

In 1977, he moved to Moscow, where he became an actor of the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. In subsequent years, the theaters of the capital, he was constantly changing — in the years 1978-1982 Alex worked at the Moscow Art Theater, then in the "School of Dramatic Art", in 1990 — was an actor Taganka Theater, in "School of Modern Play" ... Petrenko preferred to choose his material and the stage. Moreover, the role he played very different, both tragic and comic, in the performances: "Marriage," "A Month in the Country", "The Lower Depths", "Verandah in the Forest," "Duck Hunt", "collapse", "Serso" "Don Pedro" and many others.

While working in the theater, he starred in many films. His debut role was in the film "The Day the Sun and Rain" in 1967, and since 1991 — he is an actor Gorky Film Studio. Petrenko first major work in the movie was the role of Rasputin in the film E.Klimova "Agony" (1974), which became a classic of the cinema (unfortunately, a long time this picture was lying "on the shelf" and were released only in 1985).

Then there was a whole series of vivid and memorable works in the movies. Among these roles in the films — "The Tale of Tsar Peter the Great as the Moor married" (1976), "The key is not transferable" (1976), "The Marriage" (1977), "Farewell" (1982), "TASS is authorized to declare" (1984), "Cruel Romance" (1984), "Davydov and Goliath" (1985), "The Prisoner of If Castle" (1988), "A feast of Belshazzar" (1989), "The Barber of Siberia" (1998) and many others.

Petrenko film credits include the new millennium — roles in the films — "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", "Ciorna Rada", "In August the 44th," "The Collector," "The Idiot," "Chess Player" "Doctor Zhivago," "12 Angry Men," "Lilac branch", "Twelve", "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard", "Wolf Messing", "Burnt by the Sun — 2" and others.

Over years of artistic career, the actor has appeared in more than 50 films, playing brilliantly and royal personages, and ordinary men. We Alexei Vasilievich, by his own admission, has never been irrepressible desire to work. Often he refused the role, being convinced that "a little bit better and sensibly than omnivorous." But in those roles to which he agrees, the actor puts his heart and soul, working with full dedication.

Petrenko loves Ukrainian songs, and he sings them with pleasure, taking part in concerts and choir performances. In general, he can sing — overtures, Russian folk songs, spirituals, arias, and he sings with a symphony orchestra under the direction of Fedoseyeva. More Alexei V. recorded discs with Russian folk tales that idolizes, teaching himself the Church Slavonic language.

People and Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the award of the President of Russia in the field of literature and art, Petrenko awarded " MeritĀ»IV Degree, is the recipient of many international and national film festivals.

He was married three times. His first wife — singer Alla Petrenko, whom she married in 1960. In this marriage a daughter, Pauline. The second wife of the actor — known journalist Galina Kozhuhova-Petrenko, who he met in the late 1970s. They lived for many years in a happy marriage, but in 2009, Galina died. Son of actor in this marriage — a journalist Mikhail casing. In 2010, Petrenko married Azim Abdumaminova, journalist.

Today known actor Alexei Petrenko lot and continues to successfully play on the stage, in the movies, he lives and works in Moscow.