Vladimir Ivashov

Vladimir Ivashov
Vladimir Ivashov was born on August 28 in 1939 in Moscow. His father was a laborer at an aircraft factory, his mother — as a seamstress in a factory. From early years he knew how to sew, and carpentry and cooking. In the yard, though he was not the strongest kid, but no one was afraid and always knew how to stand up for themselves.

schoolboy, he dreamed of becoming an actor. He was fond of puppet theater performances and went on to . Was making dolls houses and arranged for the presentation of her younger sister. He has performed in a circus in the crowd. And when he got a matriculation certificate, decided to see what the Film Institute, although the father advised to go to the factory.

He was on the preliminary consultations in all faculties, and realized for myself that no director or screenwriter, or operator or film expert from it will not work. Probably would have done, as advised by his father, had not tried to read poetry. And like the Commission.

In 1956, after finishing school, Vladimir applied for the Film Institute and was admitted to the course Grigory Mikhailovich Kozintsev. He learned easily, although it was impossible to say that Ivashov very strongly stood out among his classmates. And, moreover, no one imagined that just one year the name of this young man will know the whole country. The glory he brought the role of a young soldier in the film GN ¬ęBallad of a Soldier."

After the release of the film in theaters for young and inexperienced actor fell unprecedented popularity. So whatever it was destiny that his very first role was central to the life of an actor. In fact, from Ivashov was only required to naturalness, sincerity in creating uncomplicated way of ordinary Alyosha Skvortsov, but for the novice actor, and it was the most difficult.

It was so organic in this role and so rooted to her that in the future it was very difficult to get over the stereotype. Ivashov quite a lot of filming, directors ruthlessly exploited his looks, but remained in the memory of viewers actor in one role.

Ivashov was married to actress . In this marriage were born two sons.

Died 23 March in 1995 on the operating table due to medical error.