Archil Gomiashvili

Archil Gomiashvili
Archil M. Gomiashvili born March 23 in 1926 in the Georgian city of Chiatura.

After studying for two years at the Tbilisi Art School at the Academy of Fine Arts and lived a fairly tumultuous early years in Georgia, Gomiashvili entered the Moscow Art Theatre School. In 1948, he got into a fight with a scandal that nearly run over by a court of Moscow and had to leave.

In Tbilisi, he was accepted into the troupe of the Academic Theatre Mardzhanishvili, and in 1958, the actor went to Poti, where he first worked in the theater of Eristavi, and then — in Russian Theatre of A. Griboyedov. In parallel, began acting in movies, roles were not so little, but they glory Archil not brought. Meanwhile, the actor approached the age of forty years ...

Union fame actor in 1971 when he played the role of Ostap Bender in the comedy ¬ęThe Twelve Chairs" the film adaptation of the novel by and .

Bender Gaidai was looking all over the country. Who has not auditioned for the role: Alexei Batalov, Vladimir Basov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Michael Shirvindt, Oleg Borisov, Valentin Gaft, Eugene Yevstigneev, Andrei Mironov, Spartak Mishulin, Michael Kozak, Nikolai Rybnikov, Nikolai Gubenko and others. Even singer Muslim Magomayev Gaidai offered to "try on" Bender. But the choice is still fell on Archil Gomiashvili.

Two years later he became an actor of the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater, and several years later moved to the theater named after Pushkin. He played more than two dozen paintings. But such a stellar role in more Gomiashvili was not.

In '62 he left the profession and went into business. Having succeeded in the club and restaurant business (many will remember his brilliant project — a restaurant-club "Golden Ostap"), he was involved in charity work, helping the needy students and old Georgian artists.

Archil Gomiashvili died May 31 in 2005.