Valentine Tolkunova

Valentina Tolkunova
Valentina was born Tolkunova on July 12 in 1946 in the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, the son of railroad workers. Valentina was a year old when his parents moved to Moscow.

Interest in music, the girl emerged from early childhood. Another schoolgirl Valentine Tolkunova sang in the Moscow children's choir, and later — in the ensemble of the Central House of Railway, which was led by .

In 1964, she enrolled at the Moscow State Institute of Culture for conducting and choral department. In 1966, Valentina Tolkunova the competition was held in SIV-66 (vocal and instrumental orchestra under ), where she worked for 5 years soloist-vocalist and sang jazz instrumental music.

In 1971, she graduated from the School of Music Gnesins. In the same year Tolkunova voiced songs in the TV movie "Day by Day", which quickly became popular.

Solo made her debut in 1972 on an evening with poet Lev Oshanina, where she sang the song Vladimir Shainsky "Ah , Natasha. " Since 1973, Valentine Tolkunova — soloist Mosconcert.

In 1987, the singer opened in public on the theater — "Theater of Musical Drama and Art Song of the creative association", which became the artistic director. Theater were created musical performances and programs: the opera "Russian women" by Nekrasov's poem, programs in the poetry of Pushkin and Kol'tsova, the play "Waiting" (music of the Assumption on Christmas poems) performance of "Champagne", musical performances singing "I can not help it , "" Do not leave me, love, "dedicated to the 25th anniversary of creative activity Tolkunova," I dewdrop yours, Russian woman "," New Spring V. Tolkunova "and others. All performances were staged at the Concert Hall "Russia┬╗.

Valentine Tolkunova performed dozens of songs, the audience favorite, among them: "I am standing at polustanochke," "Silver Wedding", "Talk to me, Mama" "Nozzles-kurnosiki", "Where have you been before," "Old words", "My dear, if it were not war", "Song without End", "I can not help it," "I rustic", "We on the boat rolled "and many others. Only in musical films and theater performances she performed more than 300 songs.

Singer 23 times became the winner of TV contest "Song of the Year┬╗.

Valentine Tolkunova — People's Artist of Russia, Honoured Artist Kalmykia, winner of the Lenin Komsomol Award Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the honorable railwayman Russia, Honored Power Engineer of Russia. Has a large number of public and community awards, including the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Order of Merit.

Valentina has been married twice. Her first husband was a composer, conductor, vocal and instrumental orchestra Saulsky. Her second husband — Jury Paporov, international journalist, writer, author of the book "Hemingway in Cuba." We Tolkunova — son Nicholas, who works lighting designer at the Moscow Theater of Musical Drama and songs.

Valentina Tolkunova died 22 March in 2010 from a serious illness.