Alexander Glazunov

Alexander Glazunov
Alexander Glazunov was born on August 10 in 1865 in St. Petersburg. Grew up in a benevolent and cultural environment. In 13 years of playing the piano, violin, cello. Prior to 1877 received education at home. In 1877-1883 he studied at the St. Petersburg real school.

Under the influence of , , , Stasova formed creative principles of the composer.

Since 1888 Glazunov acted as a conductor in Russia and abroad. Since 1899, he — Professor St. Petersburg Conservatory. In 1905, in protest against the reactionary actions of the management left the conservatory, where he returned after partial satisfaction of the requirements of progressive professors and students from the end of 1905 Director of the Conservatory.

After the Revolution of 1917 Alexander K. was appointed rector of the Petrograd Conservatory. He actively participated in the construction of Soviet culture, the restructuring of music education, music-led public education work. In 1928, as a member of the Jury of the International Competition. Schubert went to Vienna. Due to illness was unable to return to their homeland.

Glazunov — one of the largest Russian composers of the late 19th — early 20th centuries. The traditions of the "Mighty Handful" and Tchaikovsky, he joined in his work lyrical epic and lyric-dramatic branch of Russian music.

In the creative heritage of Glazunov's one of the main places belong to the symphonic music of various genres. It reflects the heroic images of Russian epic paintings of native wildlife, Russian reality, songs, Slavic and Oriental peoples.

Following the tradition of Tchaikovsky, Glazunov deepened the role of music in the ballet, enriching its content. Glazunov belong to handle Russian, Czech, Greek hymns and songs.

Completed in conjunction with the opera "Prince Igor", recorded on the memory Part 1 of 3 — Symphony Borodin. He took part in the preparation for publication of works MI. Orchestrated the "Marseillaise," and a number of works of Russian and foreign composers.

Died Alexander Glazunov 21 March in 1936 in Paris. In 1972, the remains of Glazunov was moved to Leningrad (now — St. Petersburg).