Lev Lopatin

Lev Lopatin
Lev Lopatin was born in Moscow (1) on June 13 in 1855. In 1875, he entered the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. After graduation, he was retained by the department of philosophy to prepare for a professorship.

Since 1885, he — Assistant Professor, and since 1892 — an extraordinary professor of the university. He defended his master's in 1886 and in 1891 a doctoral thesis. Since 1894 — co-editor of the journal "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology." Since 1899 — Chairman of the Moscow Psychological Society. The main philosophical work Lopatin — "The positive task of philosophy", which included his masters and doctoral dissertations.

Among the most significant works of Lopatin — "The question of free will" (1889), "A Critique of empirical principles of morality" (1890), "The scientific world view and philosophy" (1903), "The Present and Future of Philosophy" (1910), "Spiritualism as a monistic system of philosophy" (1912).

Lopatin establish its own as a specific spiritualism or personalistic metaphysics. He shared the conclusion of his friend Vl.S.Soloveva of critical state of European philosophy in the second half of the 19th century. Lopatin saw the reason for the rejection of modern philosophy from ontologism and turning it into a "servant" is not theology, and science. Experience denial of metaphysical tradition (especially in positivism) was fraught with the loss of philosophical knowledge genuine autonomy and even identity.

Lopatin essentially formulated and solved the problem of "revival" of metaphysics. Metaphysical knowledge in its treatment exists in two versions-oriented rationale for inexperienced truths (the ontology of mind), or based on a belief in some logically proven principles (ontology of faith).

classical types of ontology of mind Lopatin considered rationalistic system and Hegel.

universal spiritual life, to convince Lopatin, allows to recognize the reality of human freedom, and with it the possibility of a truly moral and genuinely creative actions.

died Lev Lopatin in Moscow March 21 in 1920.