Boris Polevoy

Boris Field
Boris Polevoy (real name — Kampov) was born (4) March 17 in 1908 in the family of a Moscow lawyer. In school, he has not even thought about a career writer — just a lot of reading and writing small satirical satires in the school wall newspaper under the pseudonym B.Ovod.

His debut took place in the press as a "Tver Pravda" published the first note — only seven lines without the signature of the meeting with the poet-farmer, SD Drozhzhina. After that, he often put his sketches of city life in the newspaper. Then there was the pseudonym "Field", which was a translation of his real name is Latin.

Since then, Field has never stopped writing. All student, he combined his studies with work in a variety of publications as essayist, columnist, a traveling reporter, book reviewer and theater reviewer in one person.

As the writer learned about the field for the first time after the publication of "Memoirs of a crummy person "for the sake of writing, which penetrated the environment Tver criminals. The investigation revealed that the criminal authorities have links with many of the official city officials. The result was a revealing article in the "Tver truth" and the book "Memoirs of ...," which sent the Field . He praised the work is very critical, but still gave the young writer a lot of useful tips.

The fame and recognition worldwide Field received for "The Story of a Real Man." It is based on the experience of the Field of the war and its real party, Lt. , who returned to action after the amputation of both legs.

Writers' motto Boris Polevoy were the words "I write fiction without." At the core of all of his books were lying real events, sometimes it was these stories that are specifically and not be beat. Real people have always been important to him and interesting fictional characters.

For nearly 20 years, Boris Polevoy was the chief editor of the magazine "Youth".

writer died on July 12 in 1981. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery.