George Eastman

George Eastman
George Eastman was born on July 12 in 1854 in a small American town of Waterville. His childhood is hardly good. The family was not rich, but life difficult. Eastman's father died early. After the 7th grade boy went to work. The first work of George was dirty. He got a job in an insurance company. His job was to clean the bowl, take out the garbage, and perform the work of the messenger. However, George did not have an aversion to his work, because he knew that this temporary inconvenience.

The first success came to Eastman in 20 years. Then he got a job at a major bank. Being engaged in property investment, Eastman often traveled to other cities. One day he went to the Caribbean to see how things are things of real estate. He immediately wanted to sell a couple of houses in the Caribbean, and so decided to take a camera with you. It was the 19th century, and to take pictures of places in the Caribbean, it was necessary to load a couple of carts. The trip did not take place.

George Eastman fired up the idea of ??creating a new camera that is compact, such that they could use the common people. Working day in the factory General Electric, evenings he read literature on Art. He forgot what a normal life. The key was in 1878, in which Eastman read an article by an Englishman, Charles Bennett, devoted to preparing the emulsion dry plates.

In the future, Eastman will often say that this article is directed him in the right direction. After many sleepless nights, George Eastman introduced the world to the new technology of production of dry plates. Without thinking, he patented it. After that George presented the car for industrial production of the plates. And already in 1888, Eastman leased an entire floor of the building on the street Stein Street (in Rochester).

In the end, thanks to financial support from her father's friend Harry Strong, Eastman founded his company, which took the place of the chief accountant. President became more experienced Strong. The company was named ┬źEastman Kodak Company┬╗. However, it is more popularly known as just Kodak.

George Eastman decided that the success of the company is to make photography accessible to ordinary people. We had to seriously simplify the process of photography and cameras. And he achieved it — in 1888 they released their first camera under the name Kodak. It was a small box-camera: shutter was one shutter speed, lens with a constant aperture gave a sharp image from 2.5 m to infinity, and Load the camera at 100 frames. It can be purchased for $ 25. And soon, Eastman Kodak has registered as a trademark.

It should be noted that Eastman has focused on advertising — he personally wrote advertising copy for the first production of Kodak. In 1888, he came up with the slogan, "You press the button — we do the rest", which adorned the facade factory in Rochester, as well as numerous brochures.

In early 1930, George Eastman learned that the terminally ill. 14 March in 1932, he shot himself.