Constantine Zaslonov

Stanislavski Zaslonov
Stanislavski Zaslonov born January 7 in 1910 Ostashkovo Kalinin region, in a working class family. In 1930 he graduated from the railway Velikoluksky proftehshkolu. In 1937 he was appointed head Zaslonov locomotive depot Roslavl, and since 1939 — the locomotive depot Orsha.

In October 1941, on its own initiative has been sent behind enemy lines in a group of railway workers. Barriers created an underground group. Members of this group through the use of "coal mines" — this is mine disguised as coal — three months have undermined the 93 German locomotive.

In March 1942, over Zaslonovo threatened with arrest, he leaves with a group of Orsha and organize guerrilla group. His squad had a number of successful military raids in the area — Vitebsk — Orsha — Smolensk, destroying a large number of enemy soldiers and equipment. And in October 1942, he commanded all the guerrilla forces Orsha area.

November 14 1942 Zaslonov Constantine died heroically in battle with the punitive detachment at the village Kupovat Senno district (Belarus).

Zaslonov was awarded two Orders of Lenin and medals. He was posthumously awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" for the exemplary performance of command assignments at the front of the struggle against the Nazi invaders and displaying courage and heroism.

In Orsha Zaslonovo a monument, it is named after the local locomotive depot. As a monument to the hero is set on the forecourt in Ostashkovo. In many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus has a street named after him. Also the name of KS 3aslonova locomotive named TEP70-0379 Belarusian Railway, Children's Railway in Minsk and one of its stations, Velikoluksky Railway College.