Vitaly Wolf

Vitaly Y. Wolf
Vitaly Y. Wolfe was born May 23 in 1930 in Baku (Azerbaijan), the son of renowned lawyer Baku. He dreamed of going to GITIS and become an actor, but at the insistence of his father, who wanted his son to get "serious" education, after school, he entered the Moscow State University, Faculty of Law, where he graduated in 1952.

In five years, Vitaly enrolled in graduate school, in 1961 he defended his thesis. For a time he worked in the legal profession, then at the Institute of Law of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

But, nevertheless, a real passion — theater — all this time, did not leave the Wolf, he continued to love him almost daily attended performances at various theaters of Moscow, spoke with Oleg Yefremov, Galina Volchek, and Leonid Erman (director of the theater "Contemporary"), they became close friends. Subsequently, it was the experience of meeting with many theater people Woolf used in his books, articles, essays, and on television. In 1965, Vitaliy Nikitin was introduced in arts council theater "Contemporary».

In the years 1967-1997 he worked at the Institute of Wolfe international workers' movement of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (from 1992 — Institute of Comparative Political Sciences) Research Fellow . For a long time, he led a group to study the minds of young people in Western countries, and as a result, in 1967 he published his great scientific and journalistic work of the hippie movement.

During these years, Wolfe was seriously engaged in the American theater. In 1989 he defended his thesis for the degree of doctor of historical sciences on "American Theatre 70's and the socio-political reality." In the same year he first visited the United States. In 1992-1994 he taught at the Wolf Theatre Faculty at New York University. He has lectured on the topic of "Chekhov and the theater," "History of Russian drama", "Stalin and the Theatre", "Theatre of Tennessee Williams," also taught a course on the history of Russian theater at the University of Amsterdam.

But before just Vitaly Wolf known as the author and presenter of TV programs about the talented people of the world of art, writers and politicians. On television, he began working in 1990. His first television program was the story about the actress M.Babanovoy. In 1994, Vlad leaves Wulff invited to TV station "look", where Vitaly Y. became an author and a leading publicist of the "Silver Ball", which immediately became popular. In 2003, he moved to the TV channel "Russia" and his program has undergone a number of changes and publishing under the name "My silver sphere».

The first heroes of transmission Wolfe were mostly theater and cinema (G. Garbo, L.Minnelli, Yu.Brinner, I.Montan, O.Chehova, Tarasova, O.Efremov, M.Ladynina, T.Doronina, Yuri Grigorovich, V.Karavaeva, V.Gaft, M.Mironova, Tsiskaridze and others), famous writers (A.Fadeev, Gorky, M.Tsvetayeva ...), and later he told me about politicians: Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Sh.Golle and many others. And also made a program about the Old Russian Nice, dedicated to Russian immigrants.

Of course, we were both fans of the transfer, and those who did not like it. But even the most bitter enemies were forced to admit that Wolfe — this is the era. After all, he was peculiar fascination with other people's talent. Heroes of his pitches were heroes and his soul. Each time, he lived the life of his characters again, judged the archives, searching for historical moments, returns the names and faces of non-existence. He had a gift researcher, historian and storyteller. Among many other television personalities Wolf allocate gorgeous Russian language, ease of intonation, laconic wording accuracy of the observations and the characteristics of their heroes.

In her author's program, built in the form of improvised monologue lead, Vitaly Y. simultaneously acted as a critic, both as an actor and as an art critic. In all he had created about 250 programs. His program also falls on "Radio Russia". In 2007, he became chief editor of Radio "Culture" (RTR).

Back in the 1970s, Vitaly Y. began to actively publish in the press — he has published numerous articles in various publications. In 1998, he was the author of the column "Notes of the master" in the weekly newspaper "The Age", in 2001-2003, led the heading "Idols. Legends' in Russian edition of «L'Officiel». Also translated the Anglo-American drama — translated the play O'Neill, Albee, Maugham, Williams. Plays in translation Wolfe walked and are staged many metropolitan theaters. In all he translated more than 30 pieces (most of which are co-authored with A.Chebotarem).

Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Russian Television Academy, the Writers' Union and the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Laureate National Award Taffy — Vitaly Wolf was awarded the Order of Honor, "For Services to the Fatherland» IV and III. He holds awards in the field of fashion and style, "Astra-2006" in the nomination "The most stylish television presenter" and the winner of the All-Russian contest "for exemplary knowledge of Russian language" in 2009.

Contact and open, partial and addictive , easy-going, Vitaly Y. At the same time there lived a rather lonely, surrounded by his books, favorite characters and legends ...

Died Vitaly Y. Wolfe on March 13 2011 in Moscow after a long illness, was buried in the cemetery Troyekurovskoye capital.