Alexander II Romanov

Alexander Romanov (Alexander II) was the son of the emperor Nicholas. He was born (17) 29 April in 1818 and received an excellent education: he knew five languages, learned the history, geography, mathematics, statistics, science, philosophy, and logic. In 1837, Alexander traveled to Russia, which lasted three months. After that, he traveled to Europe and met his future wife — Mary.

After his father's death in 1855, Alexander II came to the throne. He began with liberal reforms, announced an amnesty Decembrists and other members of social movements. In 1861, serfdom was abolished, and in 1860, 1870 and held other reforms: a university, the judiciary, the press, the military, local government. During that Alexander II was a popular nickname "Liberator┬╗.

These reforms are considered incomplete. In the last decade of his reign, Alexander II was to restrain the natural course of events, and so angered radical groups in society. It was made a few attacks.

In foreign policy Alexander II tried to expand the influence of Russia in the Balkans to increase its territory at the expense of development of Central Asia and the eastern suburbs.

Alexander II was mortally wounded (1) on March 13 in 1881 by a bomb thrown by People's Will I. Grinevitski. On that day he was going to sign the draft reform of public administration and the economy.