Nicholas Rezanov

Nikolai Rezanov
The history of travel Rezanova known for the musical "Juno and Avos" (verses , music 2331 Rybnikov), and originated the role of Count Rozanov was .

Nikolai Rezanov was born into an impoverished noble family (28 March) 8 April in 1764 in St. Petersburg. He received a good education at home. Featuring natural linguistic abilities, he knew for 14 years five European languages.

In 1778 Nikolay entered the military service in the artillery, serving in the Guards Izmailovo Regiment, is responsible for protecting the Catherine during her visit to Crimea in 1780.

In 1791, after the appointment of the Secretary Derzhavina under Catherine II, Rezanov goes to his service as governor of the office, which opens the door for him surgeries and houses the highest-ranking nobles. Sometimes he even has to perform personal errands Empress, further accelerating his career. After a while, he comes to the state of the new favorite of the Empress .

In 1794, at the request of Zubov Rezanov sent to Irkutsk, along with the spiritual mission of Archimandrite Iosaf. In Irkutsk, he met with the founder of the first Russian settlements in America — Shelikhov who woos Rezanova for his eldest daughter, Anna. on January 24 in 1795 thirty Nikolai married fifteen Shelikhova daughter, Anne, to thereby obtain the right to participate in the affairs of the family company. From that moment the fate Rezanova closely related to Russian America.

In 1797 Rezanov became secretary of the then Chief Secretary of the Senate. Soon the emperor Paul, who replaced deceased in 1796, Catherine II, signed a decree on the establishment of companies based Shelikhova and other Siberian merchants united Russian-American Company (RAC), whose registered office is transferred from Irkutsk in St. Petersburg, and the authorized correspondent (representative) CANCER appointed Nikolai cut. Now he — State nobleman and entrepreneur at the same time.

In 1806 Rezanov took a trip to California, where he contributed to the establishment of trade relations between the Russian-American Company and the Spanish colonists.

On the way back to Russia Nikolai Rezanov died in Krasnoyarsk (1) on March 13 in 1807.