Pelagia Zakurdaeva

Pelagia Osipovna Zakurdaeva
Pelagia Osipovna Zakurdaeva born (May 25) on June 6 in 1886 in the village of New Bard now Krasnogorsk district of the Altai region, in a large and Lavkinyh wealthy family.

In addition to her family had three brothers and a sister. Born Pelagia Osipovna a day when the entire cultural community of the Russian Empire recalled Pushkin on the occasion of his 87th birthday.

June 6, 1999, together with the already modern Russians Pelagia Zakurdaeva met and the 200th anniversary of the poet, and his 113th birthday.

However, with the poetry of Pushkin she was not familiar with — or not read did not know how to write. Despite the prosperity of the family Lavkinyh as a child instead of studying Pelagia forced to do housework.

In 1903, Pelagia Lavkina married a fellow villager Gregory, but the happiness was short-lived — Gregory died in the war. Rather, it was the Russian-Japanese war, unnecessarily on the assertions of long-liver in the first marriage she lived for only a year.

The second marriage Pelagia Osipovna entered already many years after the death of Gregory, her lover was a widower Zakurdaev Athanasius, whom she consorted when she was over 50. From now until the end of his days Pelagia Osipovna was Zakurdaeva. A short time later, the first marriage and the second entry is not allowed to have their children Pelagia, but she became a mother for the children widower Athanasius, which took as its own.

Shortly after Pelagia has exchanged seventies, Athanasius died, and at the invitation of one of the granddaughters of Zakurdaeva moved to sunny Tashkent, where he married a Belarusian Sergei Romanovich, and after his death — on the German Karl . Soon Karl was killed in a car crash. After his death, the capital of Uzbekistan Zakurdaeva did not hold, and in 1985, a year before the centenary, she moved to her niece's youngest city in the Altai Territory — Zarinsk.

There Osipovna Pelagia and lived the last 20 years of his life. She kept to the end performance at home. She loved to watch TV. In celebration could take 50 grams of "little white". In 2000 he visited a polling station on election of the President.

died Pelagia Zakurdaeva on March 13 in 2005 from the banal flu before they reach two and a half months before the 119th anniversary.

In 2005 she was the oldest resident of the planet (having officially confirmed the date of birth).