Karl Haushofer

Karl Haushofer
The concept of the state as a biological organism seeking to expand, many scientists are interested in — Montesquieu, Challen, Ratzel, Mackinder, Mahan, and many others. Karl Haushofer based on previous theories developed its own principles of geopolitics, promoting the idea of ??revenge and aggression. He gave the geopolitics of the kind in which it became part of the official doctrine of the Third Reich.

Karl Haushofer was born on August 27 in 1869 in Munich. A graduate of the Bavarian Military Academy, Haushofer to the end of the First World War was in military service and taught military science.

His works eclectically combined geographical determinism, race theory and social Darwinism. In Nazi Germany, the geopolitics of Haushofer become extremely fashionable, and gained a mystical sound. Haushofer himself a reputation as "the man behind Hitler." The F?hrer has used the theoretical aspects of geopolitics as a rationalization of Nazi expansion. It borrowed from Haushofer his favorite expression: "space as the power factor».

Abroad Haushofer was considered a forerunner of Nazism and one of the pillars of Nazi ideology.

However, the zeal with which the Nazis began to put into practice its geopolitical theory, have led to the confusion of the Haushofer. After the failure of the July 1944 conspiracy, which was implicated by his son, Haushofer was arrested by the authorities.

After the shooting of her son and completely bereft of illusions about Nazism, Haushofer committed suicide on March 13 in 1946 Pele, near Veylheyma.