Sergei Witte

Sergei Witte brush I.Repin
Yulievich Sergei Witte was born (17) June 29 in 1849 in Tiflis. At the end of the course in the University of Novorossiysk, Witte joined the management of the Odessa branch of the railroad, and soon became one of the closest associates of the director of the Russian Society of Shipping and Trade, NM Chikhacheva, which is in charge at the time came and Odessa railway.

The post of Chief of movement, which Witte performed in the course of the entire Turkish war, gave him a reputation instructive administrator.

From 1886 to 1888 consisted control of South Western Railway. When the Ministry of Finance in 1888 were established new tariff institutions, Witte was appointed director of the Department of Railway Minister and Chairman of the Tariff Committee, in February 1892 aims to management by the Ministry of Railways, and on August 30 the same year, he was instructed to control the Ministry of Finance.

eleven years, during which there Sergei Witte was at the head of the Ministry of Finance, marked by a huge increase in the budget, the extensive development of the state economy, and major reforms in the financial regulations. The overall balance of the state budget reign Witte increased by 114.5%. The average annual increase in the budget for the period — 10.5%. As far as the increase of the budget is large, can be judged by comparison with the preceding and following decades: the previous period was marked by annual growth of only 2.7%, and after, from 1903 to 1912 — 5%.

In August 1903 he was appointed Chairman of the Committee of Ministers. Despite the grandiose name, it was the "honorable retirement" as a new post has been immeasurably less influential.

However, he continued his political activity, acted as an extraordinary ambassador in peace negotiations with Japan, led by the Council of Ministers. Officially retired Witte left in April 1906. The results of its operations and policies evaluated contradictory. But one thing is certain: the meaning of his life, all the activities of the ministry was the Great of Russia. And it could not fail to recognize as his supporters and opponents.

The last years of his life Sergey Yulievich held in St. Petersburg and abroad. Being a member of the State Council, he participated in the work of the Finance Committee, whose chairman was until his death. He is also the author of the book "Memories" is of considerable interest to characterize the policy of the tsarist government.

Yulievich Sergei Witte died (February 28) March 13 in 1915 in Petrograd (now — St. Petersburg).