Scatman John

Scatman John
He created a unique style of music that combines scat and house. And the fame acquired through the 1994 hit «Scatman». Since childhood stuttering, his success Scatman called "turning its biggest challenges in its most useful quality».

John Paul Larkin was born 13 March 1942 in El Monte, California. John suffered from stuttering since childhood, ever since received a psychological trauma. At age 12 he began to study the piano. The piano gave him a lot more money for self-expression than the spoken language. And in 14 years, met with the style of scat, listening to records by , and other musicians.

In 1970 Larkin became a professional jazz pianist for over two decades, he has participated in numerous concerts in jazz clubs in Los Angeles. In 1986, he released the album under the label Transition John Larkin, who is now a rarity. At that time the album was not popular.

In 1990, Larkin moved to Berlin. There he continued to participate in concerts as a jazz pianist. Around this time, John was first decided to add singing to his game. Around the same time his agent Manfred Zaringer, John suggested to mix in the style of scat singing with modern styles dance and hip-hop.

Working with dance producers Ingo Casey and Tony Catania, he recorded his first single «Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)», with the intention of the song to help children suffering from stuttering , to overcome the disease. Since that time, Larkin began to perform under the stage name Scatman John.

He released one after the other three albums have been incredibly popular, and did not reduce workload, despite his serious illness. Sketmen said: "All that is pleasing to God is good for me ... I've lived a very good life. I have known the beauty. "

Scatman John died of lung cancer at home in Los Angeles December 3 in 1999.