Day of the Prosecutor of Armenia

In Armenia, the prosecutor's office launched a December 6 in 1918, when the Council of the First Republic of Armenia adopted the Law "On the application of the laws on the territory of Armenia, the former Russian empire." The Act, inter alia, determined that in the territory of the Republic of Armenia temporarily laws of the former Russian Empire, as amended Provisional Government of the Transcaucasian Commissariat, the Sejm and the Council of Armenia. On the same day, the Council of Armenia adopted a law on the application of the judicial system of the Russian Empire. The prosecutor's office acted in the judicial system.

In Armenia, the prosecutor's office as a separate unit was first organized after the approval of the Soviet system. Following the example of Soviet Russia on the territory of Armenia approval of a single rule of law and the organization of the fight against crime was committed Prosecutor Autonomous Republic, which was established on July 22 in 1922. However, as a separate structure, it had a very short life. In December 1922, with the formation of the Soviet Union, among other Union government was founded as Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of the USSR, and the prosecutor ASSR became subject to this division of authority in Soviet Armenia.

Adopted in the 1937 Constitution of the Soviet Armenia significantly increased the role and importance of Public Prosecutions, clarified the structure of the Prosecutor's Office as a centralized system, which operated at the head of the Prosecutor of the USSR. The Constitution of the Autonomous Republic determined: overall supervision of the correct application of the laws in the Autonomous institutions subordinate to the national commissariat ASSR, as well as individual officials and citizens is carried out either directly by the Prosecutor of the USSR, and the prosecutor ASSR.

September 21 in 1991, declaring independence, the Supreme Council of the Third Republic of Armenia announced that former legislative and other acts will be valid on the territory of the country to such extent that do not conflict with the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. Among the acts are not contrary to the principle has been ranked as the USSR Law "On Prosecutor's Office", and prosecutorial authorities of the independent Republic of Armenia before the new law in their activities guided by this law.

One of the first steps towards the creation of national legislation regulating the activities of the Prosecutor's Office was that the October 5 in 1995 in the Prosecution of Armenia as a separate unit was established military prosecutor's office.

July 5 in 1995 adopted the first Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Article 103 which defines the functions and tasks of the prosecutor's office. National Law on the Judiciary was adopted on July 1 in 1998, he went into effect January 12, 1999. In early 1999, according to the Law "On Prosecutor's Office" were formed new divisions Armenian Prosecutor: Attorney General's Office with its offices and divisions, prosecutors areas of Yerevan, communities of Yerevan garrison procurators.

Government Decision Armenia from March 7 with the number 207-H on July 1 has been declared in the country in the afternoon of the prosecutor.